Pediatrics Superspeciality hospital TwinkleToes Pediatrics Superspeciality Hospital is dedicated to provide affordable and high-quality healthcare to children. We strive to continuously improve our daily operations to ensure the best possible care for our patients.

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TwinkleToes Children Hospital in Patna is dedicated to provide affordable healthcare services in a patient-friendly environment. With a strong commitment to ethical and transparent medical practice, it has become one of the best hospitals in Bihar. The hospital offers comprehensive pediatric super specialty tertiary care services, serving patients from across the state.

Pediatrics, is the branch of medicine that focuses on the medical care of infants, children, adolescents, and young adults. It encompasses the healthcare needs of individuals till age of 18.

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Mision Vision

Our hospital has a vision to significantly decrease neonatal and infant mortality rates by providing a comprehensive range of education and care services, from basic interventions to advanced intensive care units for critically ill children. We are dedicated to improving breastfeeding rates, promoting optimal weaning practices, increasing immunization rates, raising awareness about general health conditions, and advocating for proper hygiene practices. Our ultimate goal is to enhance the overall well-being of children and foster a healthier community
The mission of the Pediatric Superspecialty Hospital of Bihar is to provide exceptional and specialized healthcare services to children in Bihar. We strive for excellence in pediatric care, offering a comprehensive range of services. Our goal is to make healthcare accessible and affordable for all children, regardless of their socioeconomic background. We invest in state-of-the-art facilities and technology, promoting research and innovation to improve treatment outcomes. We embrace a family-centered approach, fostering open communication and empowering families in their child's care journey.
Our responsibility is to provide training to doctors, ASHA workers, nursing staff, and paramedical personnel on newborn resuscitation techniques for infants who do not cry immediately after birth, as this remains a significant cause of illness and death in our country. Additionally, we are committed to increasing awareness about common health conditions, immunization, infection prevention, and promoting healthy habits among the general population. To achieve this, we conduct regular training sessions at medical colleges, health centres, and organize medical camps in remote districts. We also collaborate with individuals from diverse fields to enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of our efforts.
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Our experienced and specialized doctors are always available to take care of all your healthcare needs.

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Nowadays, what truly matters is your ability to offer uninterrupted 24/7 service and support to your customers.

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To provide well-equipped ground ambulances with professional groups to guarantee the best medical services.

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Our team of physicians & surgeons available round the clock to provide emergency care to patients in & around Patna.

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TwinkleToes Children Hospital in Patna bring the tradition and experience in delivering affordable healthcare services in a patient friendly environment with a strong belief in ethical and transparent medical practice.

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Twinkle Toes Hospital - Best Chidren Hospital in Patna

Twinkle Toes Hospital in Patna, Bihar, is renowned as the best child care hospital in the region, offering top-notch pediatric services for infants, children, and teenagers. Situated at Danapur Khagaul Road, Near St Karren's School Vijay Vihar Colony, Kaliket Nagar, Patna-801503, this hospital is well-equipped with modern facilities and a highly trained staff providing 24-hour service to ensure the well-being of young patients.

The hospital boasts two experienced and skilled child specialists. Dr. Neeraj Mishra is an MBBS and MD in Pediatrics with over 12 years of experience, while Dr. Divya Mishra is an MBBS and MD in Pediatrics with more than 11 years of experience in the field. With such qualified and dedicated doctors, Twinkle Toes Hospital stands out as a trusted destination for pediatric care in Patna.

At Twinkle Toes Hospital, the commitment to delivering exceptional healthcare to infants, children, and teenagers is evident through their team of highly qualified medical professionals and advanced medical equipment. They offer round-the-clock emergency care services to promptly address any medical needs.

To book an appointment at Twinkle Toes Hospital, one can either call +918300279244 or visit their website at The hospital's 24/7 emergency helpline at +918300279244 is readily available to assist patients and families in case of urgent medical situations.

Twinkle Toes Hospital has gained a reputation as a leading pediatric super-specialty hospital in Patna, Bihar. Their dedication to providing exceptional medical care to children and adolescents, along with caring staff and nurses, ensures that patients receive the best treatment possible.

As the best child hospital in Patna, Twinkle Toes Hospital continues to serve the community by focusing on medical excellence, compassionate care, and ensuring the health and well-being of their young patients. Their commitment to delivering high-quality pediatric services makes them one of the most sought-after children's hospitals in the region.